Easter eggs in Greece are traditionally red for a number of religious reasons. And if you’re not familiar with Greek Easter traditions, here’s your random fact of the day: we Greeks don’t only like to dye our Easter eggs red, but also do egg-crashing contests with them. 

The idea is that on Easter day family members pick a “fighting egg” and take turns hitting each other’s eggs. If your egg breaks— and a number of strategies have been developed to avoid that—you lose. The person whose egg emerges unbreakable from the brawl wins good luck and an extra chunk of tsoureki. 

This year we decided to give our eggs a punk attitude, so we created a pair of metal-loving characters for our Easter newsletter. Our Thrashing Easter Eggs ink themselves with cocky tattoos, flaunt asymmetrical haircuts, love to head bang a lot and occasionally crack their heads while at it. They’re thinking about starting their own egg metal band, but first they need to stop scrambling around and get their yolks together.

All this to say that our office will be closed for Easter Holidays from 05-10 April. Happy Spring Break to everyone!

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