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Zore Zalo

Zore Zalo

Zore Zalo is a new brand of Cretan tsikoudia, which is a type of pomace brandy similar to the Italian grappa. The client's goal was to place this very traditional and local drink in premium bars around the world next to grappas, and inspire mixologists to use it in cocktails just like any other pomace. We came up with the name Zore Zalo, which means "difficult step" in the Cretan dialect, but also has the connotation of being dizzy, as in when someone is tipsy and staggers. The packaging communicates the drink's premium character, and is inspired by its name: we designed an explosion of letters, which corresponds to the explosion of flavour one experiences when tasting Zore Zalo. The packaging is completely white to imply purity and refinement; the box itself is also special in the sense that it has no glued joints.

Photo: Dimitris Poupalos

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