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HEX is a photography studio that has a very authentic and honest way of producing images. Representing a handful of New York-based photographers, HEX's images feel real and unpolished, as they often feature non-models and people from communities that are underrepresented in visual media. When we were commissioned to design HEX's new website, the main goal was to communicate this unique approach and the fact that the studio is working more with a mission rather than a typical business model. The brief we got from HEX called for "a challenge", something that would make the visitor wonder outloud "what the… hex is this?!" We treated both the logo and the website design as an art project: we created an animated "monster" character by combining all the letters of the company name, and made it the protagonist in our website design. We were asked not to include any actual photography from HEX's portfolio, therefore we designed an overall digital experience that highlights the company's aesthetic and unique placement compared to competition. To engage the visitor even more, we hid the main menu so that it must be searched to be found, and we presented HEX's signature photo style through lo-fi digital video collages.  

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