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Socialdoo visual identity and website

Socialdoo visual identity and website

Socialdoo is an Athens-based boutique communications agency that specialises in corporate communications and public relations. Operating under the motto "communication as culture", the agency drives results and manages communications for a niche segment of corporations and brands in Greece, often handling very demanding cases. This Socialdoo does in its very own way, putting (like us) strategy first and finding creative solutions to difficult problems. After designing their previous website a couple of years ago, we were commissioned to rethink Socialdoo's overall visual identity and create a new website to match it. We came up with a bright, colourful identity that took inspiration from Socialdoo's love for contemporary art — in fact, their offices are full of paintings and sculptures we love, ranging from the witty to the poetic. We used these artworks to create illustrations that bring the whole identity to life, in a combination of typography and images. We also created colourful portraits of all the team members, and each person now has their portrait on their business card. The website is very vibrant and experiential, with smooth animations and lively design elements that make the overall experience exciting and explorative.

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