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PAROSTEC rebranding

PAROSTEC rebranding

PAROSTEC is a premium construction company based on the island of Paros, Greece, operating in the very niche market of design homes and hotels. Now under the helm of its second generation of owners, PAROSTEC has been constructing holiday villas of high architectural value for over 40 years, and is the leader in the local market. As part of the company's rebranding strategy and their expansion to other markets, they commissioned us to come up with a new visual identity for them that would then be implemented in a new website.

The main challenge of the project was to find the sweet spot between the technical character of a construction company and the premium experiential promise offered by the exceptional properties PAROSTEC builds. It was important to communicate both the company's expertise as well as the way they treat every project as a legacy project — that whatever they construct is meant as a timeless investment for its owner. A minimalist black-and-white palette sets the tone for the brand's upscale positioning, paired with a bold, angular font to reference architectural design. A vocabulary of symbols has been designed for the identity system based on symbols used in architecture and engineering, but treated to communicate emotions and concepts like sustainability and innovation. The PAROSTEC logo also has a modular function, appearing as P.TEC in certain applications; we introduced this variation in order to prepare the brand for a more international audience where the word Paros might not hold any particular value.

The new website parostec.gr is the official online home for PAROSTEC and brings all the elements of the new visual identity to life. The site's main feature is a portfolio of completed projects that demonstrate PAROSTEC's expertise and scope of work. This portfolio is showcased on the homepage and is presented as an ongoing gallery of projects with eye-catching photography. The website is at the same time practical and visually indulging, with navigation being very straightforward using a visible menu. Inside the Projects page, an additional Index feature enables the client to showcase their entire portfolio without the use of photography (an extremely practical option, especially when some projects are impossible to photograph for privacy reasons). This way we can curate the best and most photogenic projects in one section and keep everything else published in a text-only list. 

We designed the website using Adobe Creative Cloud and for the development we used custom coding from scratch. For the back-end we used a custom Wordpress installation, and for the front-end various libraries such as gsap and three.js.

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