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EDEE Branding & Design website

EDEE Branding & Design website

Did you know that Greece has its very own association of advertising and communication companies? It's called HACA (Hellenic Association of Communication and Advertising) and has a special section for Greek branding and design agencies, of which we're a member. The homepage for the branding & design section needed a makeover, and we were happy to take up the task! We designed a brand new website to represent all branding & design agencies that are members of our association, with a focus on informing potential clients and presenting our shared understanding of what branding & design is and should do. Making this website was a great opportunity for us to "do what we preach" and implement our most exciting UX and UI ideas. The website got a very bold treatment, with black and red being the main colours and unfolds with playful, witty features. Scrolling down the page, the visitor is led from one captivating layout to the next, using interactive elements, animations and more.   

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