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The NEON Paths program aims to bring contemporary art to wider audiences and to make the National Garden of Athens re-introduced to the citizens and visitors of Athens. It proposes a curated contemporary art exhibition and demonstrate how public art can significantly enhance the quality of life, and contribute to tourism and economic development. The contemporary art festival will be free and accessible to everyone.The program is also supported by a study on landscape design, which will rejuvenate eight specific locations of the National Garden of Athens. The website is created in order to clearly communicate the characteristics and benefits of the Initiative, but also to operate in an open, democratic, interactive and user friendly way. In a distinct and contemporary design style, the website informs, explains, gives useful information, allows visitors to submit opinions and questions and acts as a communication platform for all people interested in the project by hosting their opinions and documenting specific trends through polls, the results of which are accessible to everyone. The content of the website will be constantly updated, informing visitors on the course of the initiative, the volunteering program, but also hosting the content created by the visitors themselves. Additionally, the site is connected to different social media, in order to broaden the public dialogue. The website was developed in collaboration with eproductions.

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