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Pavlos Fysakis:
Land Ends


Pavlos Fysakis started tracing the four geographical boundaries of Europe in 2006: Gavdos – the southernmost tip (in Greece); Finnmark – the northernmost tip (in Norway), the Urals – the eastern boundary (in Russia) and Sintra – the westernmost tip (in Portugal). The journey lasted two years. Fysakis’s poetic, silent and often surrealist photographs take us on a journey through outlandish landscapes, to far-away horizons, through symbols, old and new, which criss-cross history. The series received an award in 2008 from 24 curators from around the world at the Thessaloniki Photography Biennale and in 2010 the book “Land Ends” was awarded the prize of  “the best Greek photography book” by the Kythera Photographic Encounters.

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