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HEX does not intend to become merely another photo agency. It primarily aims to create a “buzz” as a completely new, fresh idea of a different style that captures the photographic trends of today, without polishing the edges. The client’s brief requested ''a challenge'': an “anti-commercial '' approach that would make the visitor/customer curious and even uncomfortable, but would definitely would not go unnoticed. This unconventional approach should be expressed through a website without a menu and without displaying any content. At the same time it would need to be somewhat interactive. Ideally, the visitor of the page should wonder: «what the ... hex is this?» Both the logo and the image of the company were treated like an art project with the illustration of an "anti-hero", an animated character/monster, resulting from the print combination of the letters of the company name. This character also stars in the digital platform that operates purely as an "experience" and not as a mainstream portfolio, clearly pointing out HEX’s aesthetic differentiation from the competition. The home page consists of custom animated illustrations that are activated with a simple scroll and create a sense of interaction. The menu is "hidden", challenging the user to search for it within this interaction. Finally, the HEX photo style mark is presented through low-fi digital videos, in which the photographs are presented as just one piece of a complete visual and urban culture.


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