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Dear Crete:
The Organic Series


“Dear Crete” is a series of handmade traditional Cretan cookies and biscuits. The main objective for the rebranding of the products was the need to diversify the products from the competition and, also, the creation of a niche and targeted positioning, which would showcase quality and premium taste on one hand, and the local origin and history on the other. The first step was to rename the products, thus creating the brand "Dear Crete" and the three distinct product lines "Traditional", "Eclectic" and "Organic". Then, the design of the visual identity of both the logo and the packaging came into place. The logo, abstract and robust, is based on the Greek initial K (of both the words Crete and Kalabokis in Greek) and the symbol of the olive, which is a main ingredient, as all the products contain extra virgin olive oil from Sitia PDO. The design direction chosen places great emphasis on the products themselves, in a different way for each product line. For the "Organic Series", the emphasis was placed in highlighting the purity of the raw materials and the products themselves, through an almost all-white packaging and a, different, bitten cookie starring for every taste.

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