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Cat Leader is a family of high-quality natural cat litter products by Geohellas. The family consists of 8 variants (classic, classic with wild nature aroma, clumping, clumping with wild nature aroma, each in 5kg and 10kg bags), which are exported to more than 15 countries and are available exclusively in pet shops and veterinary clinics. The products’ philosophy can be summed up in a simple phrase: the leading choice for happy cats. And this is precisely the philosophy applied in all the branding process– from the choice of name and the design of the logo to the packaging design. The name Cat Leader connotes the premium quality of the products and is a play on the English “cat litter”. The logo, created through custom typography, suggests quality and leaves visual space for the real protagonist of the product pack, the cat! For the packaging design an equally abstract but effective choice was made, which distinguishes the products from the competition, using the image of an imposing, contented cat combined with bold blocks of colour.

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