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Six awards for busybuilding


It is with great pleasure that we announce our 6 new distinctions at this year’s Ermis Awards that took place on Wednesday 17/12, in the "Theatron" of the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre.

More than 120 communication companies and 20 production companies participated in Ermis Awards 2013, with 350 different advertisers, while for the first time in recent years there has been a 12% increase in the participating projects.

busybuilding won 6 awards, including 3 Ermis Gold and 3 Ermis Bronze, in the categories of Corporate Identity, Product Identity and Digital Design. The projects that were awarded are: the corporate calendar “No matter how many skies have fallen” for Yard (Ermis Gold), the logo and packaging of Cat Leader of Geohellas (Ermis Gold for each project), the packaging of Dear Crete: The Eclectic Series of Kalambokis SA and Who Cares of Geohellas (Ermis Bronze) and the digital design of the website Dimitris Poupalos Creative Photography (Ermis Bronze).

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