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Eight new awards for busybuilding at Ermis Awards

Ermis Awards 2018

We are extremely happy to share with you the latest distinction of our work, at Ermis Awards — one of the most iconic institutions awarding creativity in communication in Greece. Emerging as one of the big winners in the Branding & Design Category, we received eight awards across the spectrum of branding & design services. Also, for a tenth consecutive year, we landed near the top of the list of the best agencies in Greece — second only to our friends at beetroot, to whom we “passed the crown” and the title of Agency of the Year we received last year. 

We are so proud to see the work we developed for and together with our clients acknowledged and rewarded by our peers. And this includes all the work we created over the last year, even if it was not awarded. We would like to dedicate our awards to all our clients and partners as a way to thank them for their trust and the strong belief we share on the positive impact of good design.

Our awards— three Gold and five Silver — at a glance: 
Ermis Gold — Digital Design — Website for Socialdoo
Ermis Gold — Visual Communication — National Theater of Greece posters
Ermis Gold — Catalogues for Museums & Artists — National Theatre of Greece Programmes series
Ermis Silver —Logotype & Logotype Applications (Medium / Large Business) —Akis Petretzikis Kitchen Lab
Ermis Silver — Corporate Publications— National Theatre of Greece Annual Calendar
Ermis Silver — Self-promotion / Self-distribution — Be Brave Scarf
Ermis Silver — Visual Communication | Books— Piece of Cake, Akis Petretzikis
Ermis Silver — Catalogues for Museums & Artists — National Theatre of Greece Summer 2017 Programmes series

An additional 10 projects were shortlisted including work for retail branding, digital design and visual identity design for both retail and corporate clients.

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