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xmas yard


This is the xmas card of Yard, an events specialist company based in Athens, Greece. The design idea is based on the creation of a minimal do-it-yourself kit that invites the user to interact with it and create custom wishes. The kit includes a custom-made stencil and various blank cards and the envelope is used for the motivational wishes.

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Dimitris Pikionis


Dimitris Pikionis was –and still remains- one of Greece’s most iconic architects. This is the catalogue designed on the occasion of a big retrospective of his auvre –as an architect and a painter- at the Benaki Museum. The design opted for a simple white cover while all the information became part of the jacket, which shows one of Pikionis’ handmade sketches for one of his most emblematic works (pencil on paper, 1954-1958, study for the pathway of Saint Dimitrios Loubadiaris church).

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The photographer's


The “photographer’s t-shirt” is designed for Dimitris Poupalos Creative Photography studio. Each t-shirt has a cleaning tissue manually sewed in its internal side, enabling an additional practical usage of the clothing.

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Work In Progress


The design of the logotype is based on real blueprints of WORKINPROGRESS architects. Using elements of the blueprints and abstract spatial symbols, the monochromatic logo created, represents the progress and concept behind materialized works of the architects.

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Environmental graphics design for the IDEA | TOPOS citizens information stand at the 1st Pan-Hellenic Place Marketing & Branding Conference (March 2012, Volos). The stand, a natural point of connection between members of the public and the topic of the conference, was located on Volos beach inside an outdoor inflatable construction.  The area had to be signposted outside and inside, where zones for different activities had to be created through signage alone. The public also had the opportunity to observe the proceedings by live streaming and find out more about applied examples of the subject of the conference (city branding, place & city marketing, architecture, urban design, graphic applications etc.) from audiovisual material and books. The signage was designed on the basis of a stencil system created and implemented in situ in collaboration with volunteers working by hand.

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Beautiful Life


“Beautiful Life” is the first Greek magazine about the internationally recognized connection of the island of Crete to longevity and the high quality of life. It is also the first carbon neutral publication produced in Greece. The themes of the magazine which is published by White Cover, are the scientific research and innovation taking place on the island, prominent personalities and services and local products related to health, beauty and well-being. The design is inspired by the photographic nature of the magazine in combination custom illustrations for each main topic covered.

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Alfa Roufanis


The brief called for a total graphic intervention in the underground parking space of a private village of summer houses on the island of Naxos. The location and architecture of the residencies was to be represented through the theme of “sea life”. One different sea creature character was designed residence and consequently per parking space parallel to the depiction of the main theme. The overall design was implemented manually throughout the space, with the use of mural, custom-made stencils.

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Attis theatre


Attis Theatre was founded in 1985 in Delphi by TheodorosTerzopoulos. Its elementary aim is the research upon ancient greek tragedy and significant plays of international dramaturgy. Within 27 productive years Attis Theatre has presented 1850 performances all over the world. It collaborates with international festivals and foreign theatres as a co-producer of multilingual and multicultural performances. It promotes T. Terzopoulos' working method and it has organised 300 workshops and 50 theoretical conferences, most of them in conjuction with the most important drama academies.

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design greece


Design Greece is an initiative of the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO) for the national promotion Greek design. The concept of the design for the exhibition space was to visually engage designers and prospect clients through the use of keywords denoting mutual benefits within a white cube gallery where best practices were showcased. Accordingly, the catalogue is a 360o view item may be read from both sides, denoting a cohesive quality: the internal dynamism of the industry and the organic connection between design services and successful businesses.

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Goldfish is a NGO specializing in cultural management. The concept is based on approaching culture as a “language” visually defined by punctuation marks. The logotype and visual identity is designed through the visual combination of specific punctuation marks creating different concept icons.

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A CSR Policy, Event Production, & Communication agency which offers alternative and niche services to a vast array of clientele including corporations, the state and art institutions. For the website we opted for a simple design evoking the logic of a one-page folio and created a gallery for commissioned video-art works.

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Interface design for E-Plus Europe, a company offering custom-made electric bicycles.

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Alfa Roufanis


A construction company with three core values: professionalism, simplicity, and quality. The corporate identity is based on the depiction of a sense of materiality and physicality, through the different applications, like the 3D logo, the creation of special patterns and the use of papers and materials with intense physicality.

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Hellenic Radio: 70 years


Hellenic Radio (ERA) is the National Public Radio of Greece with international coverage. ERA was founded in 1938 and it is a network of eleven different radio stations serving news, entertainment and education. For the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of ERA, busybuilding was assigned to design the logo and environmental graphics of the retrospective exhibition and the landmark catalogue. We designed a visually concrete catalogue, placing the role of the radio in the core of the image. Having to deal with a very ‘sensitive’ (nationally important) archive never presented before, we focused on creating an accessible and celebratory visual history. The plain and vivid typography served as the visual platform to complement the archive and set a historical pace. The catalogue was printed in 10.000 copies, sold out in a month and is now out-of-print.

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Athens Notebook


Papasotiriou bookstores, is one of the oldest and biggest bookstore chains in Greece. We were assigned to design a pocket size notebook to be sold mainly at the airport of Athens amongst dozens of tourist guides. Differentiating from a tourist guide, we designed a handy, affordable notebook to present an underplayed image of Athens and appeal to young tourists visiting Athens. We chose to use snapshot photographs to uncover the surreal typographic identity of the city, and designed a little book full of ‘glimpses’ of interesting details of Athens, as if offered by the inhabitant to the ‘guest’ of the city. Abstract phrases become typographic images and function as open calls for exploration of a contemporary European capital discreetly defined by its long history.

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Alfa Roufanis


A construction company with three core values: professionalism, simplicity, and quality. The design of the corporate website is based on these values and emphasizes on functionality and detailed presentation of the company’s works.

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Where is the art?


“Where is the art?” was a group exhibition based on art studio visits across Athens, curated by Sarah Ettlinger, as part of ReMap 1. The design concept was to create an interactive customisable catalogue, which could be completed by its user in each of his/her visits in each artist studio. We asked participating artists to create a personal stamp and postcard of their final work, which was manually inserted in each copy upon each visit.  Each book then, was gradually created by the visitor and the artist, resulting in a unique customised item for each visitor, which encapsulated the personal experience of their visit.

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The waterproof kit


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