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Logotype for the Dyo Villas on the cliff residential complex in the Cyclades. Its linear aesthetics and clear-cut typeface create a direct visual reference to the architecture of the houses.

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Oh God! Not You Again


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Series of illustrations for the promotion of the project “situation normal all fucked up” by photographer Giannis Mitropoulos.

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You rock me


Menu illustration design.

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The Hell Gate


The Hellgate is a syndication platform and a collective, based in New York, which discovers and represents contemporary photography talent, inspired by the music scene. The visual identity combines the unique elements and features of the company: custom approach to the creative needs of each project, portfolio combination of amateur and professional photographers and a set up different than any other traditional “photo agency”. The logo embraces all these elements and functions as a “personal signature” in all applications of the corporate identity. The cheap papers used, in combination with the gold typography and handmade sketches, create an uncanny effect. The specially designed multi-purpose tool, can be folded in various ways and used as a notebook cover, a cd case and a A4 folder.

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Yiannis Lucacos


Logotype design for the distinguished Greek Chef.

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White Cover


White Cover is a publishing house presenting small-scale, carbon-neutral books and magazines, around subjects related to the microeconomies of local communities from various part of Greece. The main elements of the logotype and corporate identity are the use of simple monochromatic typography and white papers. The idea is to convey the concept of starting anew, from a white paper.

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Logo design for the cultural portal www.tospirto.net

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ED Awards 2011


Design and brand implementation for the communication of ED Awards 2011

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Nina Robinson @ The Hellgate


The Hellgate Photography is a production company based in New York, functioning as a collective and as a unique syndication platform, which discovers and represents compelling art inspired by music. This poster is the first in a series and its aim is to introduce the work of photographer Nina Robinson to the clients of the Hellgate. Instead of showcasing photographs, a custom illustration is designed inspired by the work of Robinson, which is characterized by visual simplicity and strong narrative. The main concept is to introduce each photographer via a custom illustration, which recalls the idiosyncratic philosophy of the Hellgate Photography.

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Home Sweet Home


Carteco is a company distributing innovative materials of architecture & design and works exclusively with field experts. Choosing to overplay the unique client service the company offers, the card is designed as a wish and as an interactive object presenting the ‘ideal’ space to create: home.

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Taste Like Greece


Greece's national brand for the promotion of Greek products internationally created for HEPO (Hellenic Foreign Trade Board). The logo is made up of two simple circles: two disks of life, one enclosing the other, the same way life encloses taste. Inspired by every corner of Greece, by every kitchen, by the joyful moments of our people, it symbolizes a plate, the table around which the family gathers, the Sundays of the Greeks, the circle of friends. The main ideas conveyed in all applications (from the t-shirts and memorabilia to the environmental graphics for trade shows and the exhibitors’ catalogues) is that despite of the crisis, Greek producers are trustworthy and that Greek products are of high quality and deserve a share in the international markets.

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Paris 1900


Environmental graphic design for the art exhibition on art nouveau and modernity, called “Paris 1900” organized by the National Gallery of Greece and designed by architect Loretta Gaitis. Re-inventing typographic and graphic elements of the 19th century, a new visual language was created recalling the optimism and prosperity of the time.

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A group show by 80 Greek artists organised by the Hellenic Ministry of the Environment. The logo is a symbol of synergies: art+nature, artists+the environment, art+the State. The plus (+) symbol is the connective tissue and a positive force. Custom typography was inspired by geometric symbols found both in nature and in art. Using environmental friendly papers and printing methods, this project brings together art and graphic design in an eco-conscious manner. All papers are 100% recyclable and are used in an eco-nomic manner: the envelope is the invite and it includes the programme. The catalogue has two parts: handwritten poems and the artworks underlining the concept of synthesis.

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Hellenic Motor Museum


The first Greek Motor Museum in Athens city center, showcasing the international car collection of Theodor Charagionis, CEO of Charagionis Group of Companies. The emblematic spiral staircase on the building’s façade, becomes the logo’s monogram which signifies innovation, progress and social responsibility.

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Invitation for the exhibition Hellcuts by Nikos Palaiologos. Nikos' works are collages to represent archetypical figures, monsters and imaginary creatures. The logotype is based on the typographic reading of the shape of the works. Accordingly, ,the invitation designed, is intended as a functional and creative interaction with its recipients, as if to invite them to be part of the exhibition.

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The Hell Gate


Corporate identity for a unique syndication platform and a collective, based in New York, which discovers and represents international contemporary talent, inspired by the music scene. The applications of the corporate identity are based on the use of gold powders and custom made sketches, while the specially designed jacket can be folded in various ways and be used as a notebook cover, a cd case and a A4 folder.

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We Saw:
Open Lab


A cross-disciplinary collective of professionals including architects, decorators, web-developers etc, working from the design of building spaces to creating theatre costumes. A univocal logo, in combination low-budget materials for the production of their corporate identity in combination with specially designed perforations, to represent a team whose view on each project is special.

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Land of Promise


A group art show curated by Iliana Fokianaki, which took place during ReMap2, a contemporary art platform, taking place in a derelict area of downtown Athens parallel to the Athens Biennale. The exhibition space was an abandoned hotel and ex-psychiatric hospital called “Serenity”. The catalogue was published after the exhibition ended as a documentation of the project. The jacket is also a poster, which shows the exterior of the building and holds the exhibition texts, while the main body is designed to show the participating artists and their work. A no-budget production and a design approach which connects the curator’s idea for a “Land of Promise” which always fails its promise.

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