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Athens Conservatoire


The building of the Athens Conservatoire, created by the architect I. Despotopoulos, is an architectural landmark of the city of Athens, with the columns on which it was built creating an exceptional illusion of it floating above the ground. The design of the logo was based on this particular perception, which is predicated on the imposing image of the facade of the building and, especially, in the way it creates the Greek letter Omega (Ω), which is the initial of the word “Ωδείον” meaning Conservatoire in Greek. The two lines differ in width, creating, along with the typography, a sense of rhythm and harmony and thus highlighting the values and the main activity of the Athens Conservatoire.

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Who Cares


Re-design of the logotype and packaging (rebranding) for the ‘Who Cares’ family of cat litter products by Geohellas. The family consists of 6 natural, value-for-money variants (classic, classic with lavender aroma and clumping, each in 5kg and 10kg bags). These products are exported to more than 15 countries worldwide and are sold exclusively in supermarkets. A direct, minimal design approach, which emphasizes the signature neo-vintage typography.

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Part of an innovative range of specialised services for pharmacists, PharmacyLink.gr is the first pharmacies portal in Greece.  The logo, an amalgam of the Greek letter phi (the first letter of ‘pharmacy’) and the @ symbol, visually encapsulates what PharmacyLink stands for, and marks a digital platform with unique capabilities and features. The corporate identity design was based on vintage medicine labels, using their characteristic linear display in contemporary and dynamic manner. Classic printing techniques such as letterpress were used, which, in combination with the typeface, created a conceptual link between the physical space of the traditional Greek pharmacy and the new vistas of e-commerce.

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A new family of cement-based products from Lafarge. Consisting of 10 different products, the BIY (build-it-yourself) range targets non-professionals carrying out DIY-style home improvements and repairs. They are the only products in their category that can be used straight from the pack (competing products are sold in bags and must be mixed in another container before being used). For the graphics, we have a combination of bold pantone-based colour coding with close-up photographic images of the products in use. On the back of each pack, custom-made illustrations give step-by-step instructions for use.

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Cat Leader


Cat Leader is a family of high-quality natural cat litter products by Geohellas. The family consists of 8 variants (classic, classic with wild nature aroma, clumping, clumping with wild nature aroma, each in 5kg and 10kg bags), which are exported to more than 15 countries and are available exclusively in pet shops and veterinary clinics. The products’ philosophy can be summed up in a simple phrase: the leading choice for happy cats. And this is precisely the philosophy applied in all the branding process– from the choice of name and the design of the logo to the packaging design. The name Cat Leader connotes the premium quality of the products and is a play on the English “cat litter”. The logo, created through custom typography, suggests quality and leaves visual space for the real protagonist of the product pack, the cat! For the packaging design an equally abstract but effective choice was made, which distinguishes the products from the competition, using the image of an imposing, contented cat combined with bold blocks of colour.

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Creative Professional Portfolio


Design of a custom electronic portfolio, aiming to present the work of the creative professional Nikos Palaiologos, in a diversified and effective way. Developed in collaboration with eproductions.

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Reclaiming the Past,
Regaining the Real festival
// beta version


Design of a logo and poster for the “Reclaiming the Past Regaining the Real” festival, which investigated the point where music touches the visual arts, science and theory, initiating a dialogue between modern musical and artistic trends with new media and technological applications in the arts.

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Yearbook 2011/12


Design of the fifth annual EuroCharity Yearbook, “Leadership for Sustainability”. Distributed internationally, the Yearbook presents key initiatives and actions by companies and organisations in the field of CSR and sustainable development, emphasising that today, more than ever, leaders must strive to create a world, which is fairer and more economically sustainable, with greater benefits for all.

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Technomech is an electrical engineering and constructions company. The company's philosophy focuses in three main areas: expertise, consistency and cooperation, aiming to provide the most up-to-date functional solutions. The logo was redesigned in order to renew the company image, reflecting its contemporary dynamic profile. Key element in the design of the website was the variety of services offered and the owners’ wish to highlight their expertise through the presented specialized information and detailed presentation of projects, while at the same time maintaining a user-friendly structure. In order to achieve this, the architecture of the website functions in both a horizontal and a vertical way, displaying the content through a clear and easy to use menu. Developed in collaboration with eproductions.

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House of prints,
Kontorousis Bros
Edition 2012


Designed and produced for Kontorousis Bros, one of Greece’s most important printer with over half a century of history, this paper object is a hommage to the classic «House of Cards» project, by iconic designers duo Charles & Ray Eames.

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Villa at Barbati


A special publication for Villa at Barbati, a premium residence on the island of Corfu, Greece, with the signature architecture of burger-katsota architects for HSL Immobilienbesitz GmbH. The brochure is designed in order to offer various level of information to prospect buyers and it unfolds showcasing the island, the location and the architecture of the residence via the use of custom made maps and typographic elements.

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MODplus is a new furniture company based in Greece and distributing its products globally. The press kit is designed in an informative way, giving space to the presentation of the first three products of the company, designed by acclaimed designed Sotiris Lazou.

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Native Land


Catalogue for the exhibition “Native Land” of the artists George Tserionis. The design is focused on showcasing the works with a simple and clean typography. A custom-made jacket with multiple folds was created, which can be used as an autonomous artwork but at the same time recalls the idea of a map, the map of the native land.

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Yard is a niche production company that creates and runs special events.  The abstract design for the corporate identity is based on custom illustrations originating in the company logo, printed in black on black.

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Green Design Festival 2


Green Design Festival biennial, open-air festival taking place in Athens, which examines the repercussions of climate change through the prisms provided by the different fields of design. The main concept of the campaign is that being “green” is a choice and a responsibility and this is what the plain typographic approach of the phrase “I see green” denotes. Graphic abstraction also serves the point that ecology is economy. The color “green” is absent from all communication tools and the colors used in all executions, were selected based on their minimum level of hazardous metals (barium & copper).

For the press conference a press kit was designed, which emphasized the reuse of materials and the ecological value of an economically produced printed piece: an A3 envelope was turned into a bag to enclode the programme of the festival, which was sewed manually by volunteers. For the signaging of the exhibition space, used newspapers were recycled and converted into pulp manually, greek and latin letters were designed anew and eventually became 3D pulp typography to signage all different areas, as well as a proposal for a sustainable & creative communication.

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Taste for Justice


Logotype design and creation of a series of communication and promotional tools for the Taste for Justice project, for Amnesty International Greece.

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Green Design Festival 2


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Taste Like Greece
Sial 2012


Taste Like Greece is an initiative from the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board, designed to promote Greek F&B products internationally. The exhibitors’ catalogue for Greece’s participation in Sial 2012 (Paris) is designed in way that apart from being a repository of contact details, wishes to underline the quality of Greek products and Greek producers seeking their share of the global market. Bound in the style of classic seventies cookbooks, the catalogue is abstract and lean, almost colourless, with a custom-made cliché without printing for the cover illustration. The catalogue was distributed free to visitors and exhibitors at Sial.

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Cloud system


Corporate identity and illustration design for the Ermis Awards Ceremony 2011/12

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Lafarge: Critical Behaviours


Design of the identity of the programme “Critical Behaviours: the key to our safety” for the building materials company Lafarge. The aim was to encourage safe behaviour among employees of the company, which is a pioneer in prioritising health and safety, through innovative but users-friendly illustrations of important rules & behaviours to be followed.

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