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Pantelakis Securities


Pantelakis Securities is one of the oldest and most prominent companies in the Greek brokerage industry, trading in both the Greek and international stock markets and providing a wide range of services. The logo reflects the status, history and credibility of the company, simultaneously projecting the meaning of success in a straightforward way, through the rise of arrows formed by the initial Greek letter Π of the company name.

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Logo Design and Packaging Design for the new family of selected food products from Passalis. The project study and design were based on the concept and history of the name “Lagini”, which is the utensil mainly used to store and transfer valuable raw Greek foods, like olive oil, since ancient times. The design of the logo focused on creating a custom illustration of the main raw element, namely, a perennial Greek olive tree. This symbol is a central and unique element of the packaging graphics, which are governed by an abstract lean visual logic.

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Charles Weber:
the Greek series


Bilingual catalogue for Charles Weber’s retrospective exhibition at the Benaki Museum, entitled "Τα ελληνικά/The Greek series”. Charles Weber, the Swiss photographer, has lived and worked in the Cretan village of Agios Syllas in the prefecture of Herakleio for more than three decades. His themes deal with people, landscapes, objects and compositions from the Greek everyday life. They exude tenderness, spontaneity, order and a love for the land and its people. “The Greek Series” exhibition for which the catalogue was created, presented his photographic journey in his second homeland Greece, through approximately 150 images, divided into seven chapters.

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Nanos Fireworks


Nanos Fireworks is the largest and more experienced company in Greece in the field of fireworks. It uses cutting edge technology in order to plan, design and produce pyrotechnic displays and special effects as artistic creations and has been awarded for its direction of international shows. The website design focused on showcasing the range of services and solutions offered by the company, as well as highlighting the company’s global presence and know-how. Emphasis is also placed in the interactive features of the website, such as its connection to social media and in the creation of a specific application, through which the user can design his/ her own show. Developed in collaboration with eproductions.

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ΝΕΟΝ Paths


The NEON Paths program aims to bring contemporary art to wider audiences and to make the National Garden of Athens re-introduced to the citizens and visitors of Athens. It proposes a curated contemporary art exhibition and demonstrate how public art can significantly enhance the quality of life, and contribute to tourism and economic development. The contemporary art festival will be free and accessible to everyone.The program is also supported by a study on landscape design, which will rejuvenate eight specific locations of the National Garden of Athens. The website is created in order to clearly communicate the characteristics and benefits of the Initiative, but also to operate in an open, democratic, interactive and user friendly way. In a distinct and contemporary design style, the website informs, explains, gives useful information, allows visitors to submit opinions and questions and acts as a communication platform for all people interested in the project by hosting their opinions and documenting specific trends through polls, the results of which are accessible to everyone. The content of the website will be constantly updated, informing visitors on the course of the initiative, the volunteering program, but also hosting the content created by the visitors themselves. Additionally, the site is connected to different social media, in order to broaden the public dialogue. The website was developed in collaboration with eproductions.

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ITCM (Intelligence Trade & Consultancy Maritime) is a Greek shipping S&P and N/B Brokers company, which was created by young, highly skilled professionals. The redesign of the logo was based on the use of a classic color code eminently identified with the Greek maritime (red, blue, white) in combination with the use of abstract symbols related to the activity of the company. The logo emerged from the abstract design of two ships whose prows are symbolically joined, simulating a handshake, with an emphasis on dynamic motion and the symbolic rising arrows that are subsequently created.

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Pantelakis Securities is one of the oldest brokerage firms in Greece, with TradeDirect being its innovative electronic trading platform. The project called for the design custom illustrations for each function, command and econometric display the platform contains. The especially extensive range of icons that were designed enhances the functionality of the platform, as well as the overall visual identity of the company.

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Chapter 1 Wine


Chapter One is the first wine of the company Archilohos. It is produced in the area of Naoussa, historically celebrated for the quality of its wines. For the naming emphasis was given in creating a brand name that would mark both the history of the brand from its very beginning as well as its quality, since the production and place of ​​origin constitute an exceptional chapter in the history of Greek wines in general. This idea is also reflected in the graphics of the packaging, with the choice of a particular bottle, the luxury book references of the design and the use of vintage typography.

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Spatially marking the different product categories of the pharmacy, the simple unambiguous linear design approach, aims to aesthetically differentiate this pharmacy from the competition, as well as to enhance the sense of functionality by its visitors.

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Dear Crete:
The Organic Series


“Dear Crete” is a series of handmade traditional Cretan cookies and biscuits. The main objective for the rebranding of the products was the need to diversify the products from the competition and, also, the creation of a niche and targeted positioning, which would showcase quality and premium taste on one hand, and the local origin and history on the other. The first step was to rename the products, thus creating the brand "Dear Crete" and the three distinct product lines "Traditional", "Eclectic" and "Organic". Then, the design of the visual identity of both the logo and the packaging came into place. The logo, abstract and robust, is based on the Greek initial K (of both the words Crete and Kalabokis in Greek) and the symbol of the olive, which is a main ingredient, as all the products contain extra virgin olive oil from Sitia PDO. The design direction chosen places great emphasis on the products themselves, in a different way for each product line. For the "Organic Series", the emphasis was placed in highlighting the purity of the raw materials and the products themselves, through an almost all-white packaging and a, different, bitten cookie starring for every taste.

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Pittas-Dragnis is a highly specialized Greek company operating for more than 30 years in the field of Lightning - Surge Protection and Grounding Systems. The website aims to give the company a dynamic contemporary online presence, emphasizing its prestigious and scientific profile and know-how, by providing personalized and accountable advice and services. The exceptionally large number of products supplied, in a variety of categories, required an in-depth approach of the website architecture and design, in order to achieve a user-friendly and comprehensible result, despite the large amount of information displayed. Development in collaboration with eproductions.

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Dimitris Poupalos


Company profile for the distinguished photographer Dimitris Poupalos. Instead of creating a traditional portfolio full of photographs, as might have been expected, we decided to do the exact opposite, designing a visually abstract object with no images at all. We designed a visually plain item with no direct photographic references: the packaging –a custom made snazzy bag- is used for the typographic presentation of the photographer’s cv. The two-page brochure the bag encloses, is used as a cd case. The cd contains a portfolio presentation custom-made per recipient, based on who the recipient is. The company profile is completed with a single photograph, different every time: a signed archival print, especially chosen by the photographer, for each recipient.

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Pharmacy link


pharmacylink.gr is the first pharmacists’ portal in Greece, part of a platform of innovative services created exclusively for pharmacists. Its intention is to efficiently position the Greek pharmacy of today by offering pharmacists a structured and reliable contemporary online presence and e-shop, and to give the end user the option of an easy, smart and up-to-date find and purchase of products and services, at the best possible price. The website design was created along these lines, in order for usability to remain at the highest level, supported by a functional yet distinctive design approach.

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Young Musicians


The "Young Musicians" program was designed to enhance musical education in Greece. It offers the opportunity of musical studies at the Athens Conservatoire to children whose families are unable to afford the tuition cost, because of the prolonged economic crisis. The poster, which was designed to communicate a special fundraising event for the program, uses a "childlike" aesthetic style in line with the program’s name, with cheerful colors and pop illustration of various musical instruments.

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Imperial Care


Imperial Care cat litter is a premium quality ultra-compact clumping cat litter series of products by Geohellas. The main characteristic of these products is their high quality and exceptional absorption properties. The user-friendly website designed, places emphasis on the informative nature of the content regarding cat hygiene in multiple levels. Useful information goes in tandem with fun, with the monthly contest “Cat of the Month”, aiming to enhance user interaction and to create a continuously increasing community of cat lovers. Developed in collaboration with eproductions.

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A special edition created for the promotion of the Greek wines and vineyards in international audiences, with texts by K. Lazarakis, MW. An important parameter of the project was the limited budget. The design achieved in meeting this requirement by simplifying the production specs through the use of a dominant neon color being a clear and distinct aesthetic choice. The book was published in three languages, English, French and Chinese, and was distributed by HEPO in international exhibitions.

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A corporate website for the distinguished photographer Dimitris Poupalos. Main objectives were the simple design approach, highlighting the photographic style and special iconographic quality of the photographer, the emphasis on the image and subsequently the creation of a smooth user experience. The custom end result- a responsive website- is focused on showcasing the photographer’s work in a distinct way. Placing emphasis on the images and highlighting the almost cinematic aesthetic style of the photographer, a digital gallery was created, aiming to allow a detailed view of the images and of their technical and aesthetical excellence. The website was developed in collaboration with eproductions.

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Donutέλα is a family retail business of stores that sell freshly produced donuts. Raw materials of high quality, exclusive selected recipes and value-for money yummy products are the main characteristics of the business. The branding of Donutέλα, was thus based on accentuating the values ​​of quality and authenticity in all applications. A little girl was created in order to act as a symbol for the brand, offering a friendly, personalized approach. The branding of the stores follows this approach both via the environmental graphics as well as through the materials and colors in use, creating a warm and welcoming environment.

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Yearbook 2012/13


Design of the sixth annual EuroCharity Yearbook, “Innovation for Excellence”. Distributed internationally, the Yearbook presents key initiatives and actions by companies and organisations in the field of CSR and sustainable development. The 6th Yearbook is dedicated to innovation and to the way it is incorporated in organizational culture, paving the way for corporate excellence and sustainability and transforming new and original ideas to innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

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Streetwok is a contemporary food concept, totally new in Greece. It is a Westernized version of Asian food with noodle and rice dishes and authentic urban style, free of ethnic elements. It is namely "street food", with main differentiating element the value-for-money prices and the high nutritional value of its cuisine. The logo is inspired by urban typography, but is minimal and unequivocal and the same applies to the look & feel of the store. The basic idea for the store graphics revolves around the markings, the colours and the materials used and the dominance of a custom graffiti that dresses the store, each time assigned to a different, selected street artist. The first concept store was created in collaboration with wip architects and the graffiti artists Blaqk.

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