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Design Agency of the Year


busybuilding proudly announces our distinction as Design Agency of the Year at Ermis Awards 2016, which took place on March 14, 2017. Competing amongst the country’s top agencies and in a record year in terms of participations, we received 1 Ermis Gold and 1 Ermis Silver for our work with the National Theater of Greece, 1 Ermis Silver for the Crumbsies Collaborative Project with Chef Akis Petretzikis & La Petite Jumelle, 1 Ermis Silver for the digital project fragility.gr and 2 Ermis Bronze, for Zore Zalo Packaging and Qzine Magazine respectively.

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Proud to win a Dieline Award

We are really proud to announce that our project “The Crumbsies” has been awarded with a Dieline Award 2016, the international design competition, recognizing the world's best consumer product packaging design. Our design team created a short video “thank you” speech, which was featured at the awards ceremony that was held in May, in Atlanta. Special thanks to our partners Chef Akis Petretzikis and La Petite Jumelle for their contribution to the project, and to Correct Productions for the video.

Check out our video here

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Thrilled to be featured in Monocle magazine

We had the great honour to be invited by the iconic Monocle magazine, to contribute to their new feature ‘The Consultants’. The concept of the feature
is to highlight a potential gap in a selected market and, by consulting industry experts,
set out a plan to fill it.

In the June 2016 issue, the market gap identified was for a new cruise brand to capitalize on Greece’s national heritage. Experts such as Filippos Venetopoulos of Variety Cruises,
Chef Lefteris Lazarou and design label Zeus + Dione also contributed to the article written by Nathalie Savaricas and busybuilding was commissioned to create the new brand.

Find out here how our White Dot Fleet could revitalize
the industry and the country’s finances.


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Best of the Best

Red Dot Communication Design Awards 2014

busybuilding is proud to announce that it has been honoured with a Red Dot: Best of the Best, the prize for top design quality, in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014, for the project 10+1, of Advocate/Burson-Marsteller. This outstanding distinction, amongst 7,096 participations from 49 countries, is the third for busybuilding in the Red Dot Design Awards in three successive years. The project also won a Bronze European Design Award 2014, in the Book Cover Category, as well as an EVGE 2014 award, in the Book Design category. At the EVGE 2014 awards, busybuilding also received merits for the projects Dimitris Poupalos, in the category ‘web design/corporate sites’ and the xmas spirit, in the category ‘shelf promotion’.

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Akis Petretzikis


Logotype design for the distinguished chef Akis Petretzikis. The dominant element of the concept is the use of the chef's name initial letter, which the design explores in a dual way: showcasing a signature visual identity and at the same time acting as a symbol that connects the personality with the creative image of the chef. The logo thus acquires a second level of comprehension, as each application creates an idiosyncratic exchange between fonts and symbols.

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HEX does not intend to become merely another photo agency. It primarily aims to create a “buzz” as a completely new, fresh idea of a different style that captures the photographic trends of today, without polishing the edges. The client’s brief requested ''a challenge'': an “anti-commercial '' approach that would make the visitor/customer curious and even uncomfortable, but would definitely would not go unnoticed. This unconventional approach should be expressed through a website without a menu and without displaying any content. At the same time it would need to be somewhat interactive. Ideally, the visitor of the page should wonder: «what the ... hex is this?» Both the logo and the image of the company were treated like an art project with the illustration of an "anti-hero", an animated character/monster, resulting from the print combination of the letters of the company name. This character also stars in the digital platform that operates purely as an "experience" and not as a mainstream portfolio, clearly pointing out HEX’s aesthetic differentiation from the competition. The home page consists of custom animated illustrations that are activated with a simple scroll and create a sense of interaction. The menu is "hidden", challenging the user to search for it within this interaction. Finally, the HEX photo style mark is presented through low-fi digital videos, in which the photographs are presented as just one piece of a complete visual and urban culture.


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Dear Crete:
The Eclectic Series


“Dear Crete” is a series of handmade traditional Cretan cookies and biscuits. The main objective for the rebranding of the products was the need to diversify the products from the competition and, also, the creation of a niche and targeted positioning, which would showcase quality and premium taste on one hand, and the local origin and history on the other. The first step was to rename the products, thus creating the brand "Dear Crete" and the three distinct product lines "Traditional", "Eclectic" and "Organic". Then, the design of the visual identity of both the logo and the packaging came into place. The logo, abstract and robust, is based on the Greek initial K (of both the words Crete and Kalabokis in Greek) and the symbol of the olive, which is a main ingredient as all the products contain extra virgin olive oil from Sitia PDO. The chosen design direction places great emphasis on the products themselves, in a different way for each product line. For the “Eclectic Series”, the emphasis moved from photography to illustrations -different for every taste, depending on the ingredients of each product- based on bespoken patterns, a distinct color code, and bold typography.

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La Petite Jumelle


Design and logo design for the innovative company La Petite Jumelle, which specializes in the creation and production of premium paper and cardboard constructions. The logo, which consists of robust typography and a dynamic geometric polyhedron, reflects the superb technical craft of a handmade paper construction. The corporate identity applications emphasize the expertise and multiple printing and manufacturing capabilities of the company with highly demanding techniques and constructions.

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